The Big Day

Life’s big events should live on in the memory long after. The Big Day can be many things, a special birthday, anniversary, celebration or even a corporate anniversary, but common to them all is the unforgettable day where you together with your nearest and dearest, create lifelong memories.

An incredible amount of small details contributes to the success of a party, and for us, it is a great responsibility to be entrusted with hosting your party. We are pleased to help and offer our experience to ensure that you get exactly what you dreamed of and that the event runs as smoothly as possible.

Catering is an important element of a good party, and as Rasmus, Head Chef at Christiansminde says:

“Real food does more than satiate us. You should feel that the food has been made with enthusiasm and this feeling starts in the kitchen. It begins with the pleasure of getting the best ingredients delivered and the satisfaction of creating outstanding dishes. The best thing a chef can do is to pass on this joy to you through the food. And if the energy is real, you will also feel it the next day when the good experience continues in the memory.”

At Christiansminde we are privileged to offer an extensive choice of rooms and settings with various setups, the choice is entirely yours.

With the beautiful nature so close by, you and your guests can enjoy the fantastic view to Svendborg Sound as you create lifelong memories.

Contact us for an informal conversation about your forthcoming party.

Practical Information

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