There are many exciting experiences on Funen, Fyn Discover in this video together some inspiration.


Funens beautiful nature is worth discovering if you are on a romantic trip with your partner or your children, then there are exceptional experiences in the Funen nature, whether it is on one of the many child-friendly beaches, a walk in the woods or maybe a trip on the water in a kayak or perhaps a trip with the veteran ferry M/S Helge.

You can also experience one of the 123 castles and manor houses situated on Funen, who is full of history and good stories, and several of them are open to the public all or part of the year, here you will both be able to experience music, museums and various events. Funen is also full of culinary experiences, to include experience several culinary markets, Funen also offers many exciting producers of delicacies such. Løgismose, Konnerup and Ørbæk breweries.

You can not tell on Funen and the experiences without mentioning H. C. Andersen, the man who 200 years ago put Denmark on the world map belong in the capital of Funen, Odense. The author is known worldwide for his fairy tales as The Ugly Duckling and many many more. You can visit his birthplace and his childhood home in Odense, or in summer watch one of his adventures to life in The Funen Village. You can find more inspiration on the website visit Funen.