Accommodation in the South

You will find Hotel Christiansminde on southern Funen surrounded by grassy meadows, fields of rapeseed, organic vegetable areas and lush orchards. And of course, with a location right next to the water with a view overlooking the South Funen Archipelago.

The area, which was named after Prince Christian Frederik’s visit (later King Christian 8th), has been a popular excursion and holiday destination for several hundred years. The stunning location is of course one of the reasons, but the area was also well frequented because of the thermal springs. Springs that today provide water to many lakes in the area and which also have a spring source right in front of Hotel Christiansminde in a historical fountain.

Drive out by car to Christiansminde, take the train, bus, your sailing boat (it has its own jetty) or even a helicopter for that matter. ”Where else can you feel so at home away from home?”

Hotel Christiansminde, a first-class hotel with a cosy atmosphere, good food and the opportunity for a multitude of activities at the hotel and in the near vicinity. 98 extremely spacious rooms and suites, all with private south facing terrace or balcony with private entrance. The rooms are modern and beautifully furnished, and from most of them you can enjoy the view of the Svendborg Sound.

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