Sustainability and minimize food waste – a key value and attitude of staff, suppliers and customers in Christiansminde

Refood, a movement which Christiansminde has a share in and co-founder, aims to protect the resources we have available and to get as much as possible out of the raw materials we consume.
We are working with, among other things by adapting the quantities we are wreaking on the buffets, the dishes, the dishes etc… We are also very aware that we do not have raw materials, located and destroyed, or lose their good fresh taste before they are used.
It will never quite be possible in the hospitality industry to avoid miscellaneous residues in the form of cabbage leaves, peelings and the like which we or others can not cook food (besides the boiled off to various basic foundations). Therefore, we have as one of the first in Denmark installed a large and professional industry Food Mills in which the painted production residues stored in liquid form in large air-tight containers, in order to be used to produce biogas in the local biogas plants. Moreover, also the source of heat we apply to Christiansminde. We appreciate that Southfunen is a unique larder of fresh high quality raw materials that should not be on the long journey through Europe before we receive them.



The restaurant is open in the evening hours from 17.30 to 21.00 pm.



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