Christiansminde - Luftbillede

The South Funen Archipelago

Geopark and Outdoorcenter

In the center of “The South Funen Archipelago Geopark you find Hotel Christiansminde.

You can’t get any closer to nature – just step right outside and you are on theArchipelago Hiking Trail and the Baltic Cycling Route. 220 km of hiking trails wind their way through this astounding flooded ice age landscape dotted with islands, bays and woodlands.

The area is the perfect cycling destination and Hotel Christiansminde is the perfect base for several outdoor activities and the ever popular “Island Hopping”.

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The Archipelago
The South Funen Archipelago comprises several small uninhabited as well as inhabited islands such as: Skarø, Strynø, Drejø, Hjortø, Avernakø, Bjørnø, Lyø are all small islands you can reach by ferry from Svendborg

From central Svendborg you can drive across to Tåsinge, a small island with many thatched houses and where you can visit the graves of Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre. It is also here that you can visit Valdemars Castle.

Continue across Tåsinge, across a second bridge and you get to Langeland. Langeland is famed for it’s many splendid beaches and wild horses.

Ærø is a large island to the south of Svendborg. There are several daily ferry departures from Svendborg Harbour. Ærø has many quaint villages and an authentic rural atmosphere.

Hiking Trails
On the Archipelago Trail

On the Baltic Route and the many other cycling routes of Bike Island Funen which run past Hotel Christiansminde.

Castles & Manor Houses
Funen has 123 Castles and Manor Houses, but only a handful of them are open to the public. From Christiansminde you are close to:

Bird Watching
The area is famous as a home or resting place for a large variety of birds. We can recommend the following places:

Funen is known for it’s many seatrouts. Along our shores there are several excellent fishing spots.